State Theme: Uncover the Past With PA C.A.R.

State Project: Raise funds to provide new interpretive elements at
Meadowcroft Rockshelter


Uncover the Past with PA C.A.R. will raise funds to provide new interpretive elements for school children and the general public at the Meadowcroft Rockshelter, enhancing the current visitor experience by adding a new layer of passive interpretation. The project will enhance the First Peoples educational program by providing supplemental visual aids where none currently exist.


The first priority interpretive panel will be one which is designed to mount inside the Rockshelter enclosure at the main observation platform. It will serve as a large vertical timeline that corresponds with the dated layering of the archaeological site. If funding allows, a series of interpretive panels will be developed and designed to attach to the railing that runs around the perimeter of the Rockshelter platform.


All panels would contain a credit line indicating the project was supported and funded by PA C.A.R.

Pennsylvania State Society

The Pennsylvania State President selects a project each year to benefit local children or historical sites.


State officers and chairmen sponsor contests in line with the national program.


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2017 - 2018 Administration

State President: Morgan Meer