2017 - 2018 Administration

National President: Erin Moore (GA)


National Theme: Browsing History
National Project: James Monroe Online (JMO)


The National Project is to raise funds for the creation of James Monroe Online (JMO) in a partnership with James Monroe’s Highland and the University of William and Mary. JMO will be a free and open online portal to access images and searchable transcriptions of the archival collections devoted to our nation’s fifth president, James Monroe. James Monroe once said, “It is by a thorough knowledge of the whole subject that our fellow-citizens are enabled to judge correctly of the past and to give a proper direction to the future.”


JMO addresses what has been a major impediment to Monroe scholarship to date by giving scholars and laypeople alike access to the comprehensive works of James Monroe in a single free-access portal.


Please join N.S.C.A.R in digitalizing the works of the last founding father. Together we can expand the legacy, knowledge, and appreciation of James Monroe and his lifetime commitment to public service.

National Society

Each year, the President of the National Society, Children of the American Revolution selects a fundraising project.


In addition, national officers and committee chairmen sponsor contests for local and state societies, to promote participation in worthwhile efforts.


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